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European Forum "Sharing initiatives for a green and connected city" - Brussels 27 may 2008

European Forum on the city of the future: how can ICT contribute to the fight against climate change and to a new city model?

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Under the patronage of Viviane Reding, Member of the European Commission responsible for information society and media, ACIDD and TIC21 organized on May 27th, 2008 a European Forum on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as leading tools for green and connected cities.

The goal of this forum was to put together the European Commission, local authorities, cities, companies and agencies to facilitate the dialogue and to share ideas, experiences and best practices regarding the use and results of ICT in energy efficiency, intelligent buildings, teleworking, mobility management...

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Focus of the day
How to turn ICT into leading tools to find solutions that prevent climate change and implement sustainable development, while making sure that they do not produce negative effects?
Europe has set ambitious challenges in the fight against climate change.
2020 is the target year for:
- the 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
- the 20% share in renewable energy
- the 20% increase in energy efficiency

Many leading communication and information companies have recently become aware of the fundamental role they can play in this “first time ever global project”, brought about by climate changes.
These companies have also realized that there are numerous repercussions on life itself in all its dimensions. Everyone of us has come to understand that we have to change urgently the patterns of our paradigm, whether cultural, social and above all economical. Just where the old model was based on the principle of abundance of resources and lack of information, the current model is turning into exactly the opposite.
These fundamental changes will bring about vital needs in the fields of technologies and training, thereby enhancing networking and cooperation.

Certain local authorities, in particular big cities and their agglomerations, have already understood the challenges that we are facing. Also smaller human entities, dealing with field work on a daily basis, are aware of these challenges. All these stakeholders are thus involved in creating new models of local and territorial governances.

Large companies as well as clusters of enterprises, have become aware of this phenomenon and are transforming important and innovating initiatives into actions.These are very often concrete actions and many take the form of living laboratories at the service of a wide range of players which do not satisfy themselves with declarations only.
GeSi, Global e-Sustainability Initiative, assembles telecommunication and industry companies with United Nations Programs. ETNO is associated with WWF to promote well thought out initiatives in the framework of the program Speed of Lights. The Connected Urban Development program enables major cities as San Francisco and Amsterdam to collaborate, supported by CISCO and MIT from Boston.

The European Institutions have also taken up a stance through the voices of President Jose Manuel Barroso and many Commissioners, of whom Viviane Reding, Commissioner for the Information Society and Media.

This item shall be on the Agenda of the upcoming French presidency, starting July 1st 2008.

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What's next?
The European Forum in Brussels is part of a wider programme on the subject of 'Green and connected cities':
MALAGA 2-3 october 2008 : Mediterranean Summit of Cities and Governments: conference on the Mediterranean Digital Space.
LYON 25-27 november 2008: ICT, Europe biggest event for information and communication technologies.

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